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"As the operative Mason erects his temporal building in accordance with the designs laid down upon the Trestle-Board by the master-workman, so should we, both operative and speculative, endeavor to erect our spiritual building in accordance with the designs laid down by the Supreme Architect" 





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The next stated meeting of Nicholson Lodge will be held on
Tuesday, January 20th at 7:30P.M.


An Extra Meeting of Nicholson Lodge will be held on
Tuesday, January 27th at 7:30P.M.
for the purpose of degree work




15th District Masonic School of Instruction

meets the first & third Thursday of the month

All officers are expected to attend, all Master Masons are welcome.

January 15, 2015 - Work: Open, Receive DDGM, Ballot and Close  
By: Bluestone Lodge No. 338

School will be held at Bluestone Lodge in Hallstead, PA at 7:30pm




February 5, 2015 Work: Open, Receive DDGM, Ballot and Close
By: Factoryville Lodge No. 341
School will be held at Hartford Lodge in Hop Bottom, PA at 7:30pm



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15th Masonic District Homepage



Gas prices got you down?  Have a Brother pick you up!

Contact the Secretary or Webmaster if you need a ride to Lodge or District School.

Nicholson Lodge is sponsoring 

a "Brick Sale" to help reconstruct our Lodge

 Nicholson Lodge is sponsoring a "Brick Sale" to help pay for the remodeling of our Lodge basement that was destroyed during the Flood of June 2006. You can purchase a Brick for $100.00 and have your special statement become a permanent part of a wall to be constructed in our new basement. Your donation will help the Lodge rebuild its Basement. Your statement will become a permanent part of our Lodge's legacy. Each Brick is 4" x 8". You may have 3 lines engraved with up to 15 characters per line.
Download the Donation Sheet to create you request


 "Help for Heroes"

Support the Grand Master's program to provide our military personnel with phone cards
Brethren, the wars are winding down but there are still soldiers from Pennsylvania being deployed overseas to Afganastan. Please support the Grand Lodge program twith your donations.  All money received is used to provide phone cards for our military personel overseas so they can contact their loved ones back here in the United States.

Donate your spare change at the Senior Warden's Station or send your donation to the Secretary and specify "Help for our Heros"



Pennsylvania Masons will continue our strong support for our military personnel. The "Change for the Troops" program will now be known as "Help for Our Heroes." The program focus will change from supporting our military in the desert to supporting the seriously injured who are hospitalized. We will present the injured with calling cards and will work with the military services to provide needed travel expenses for family of the injured to visit their injured family member in the hospital or any other needed assistance.

Learn More about the Grand Master's program HERE

Brethren, send your Lodge Fundraiser Notices to  
to have them posted on our Trestle-Board
Nicholson Lodge welcomes notices from other Lodges and affiliated bodies and will post them on our community Trestle-Board.



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